[[ KINDLE ]] ❆ HausMagick Author Erica Feldmann – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk

[[ KINDLE ]] ❆ HausMagick  Author Erica Feldmann – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • HausMagick
  • Erica Feldmann
  • 15 August 2018

HausMagick Harness The Power Of Magic To Create A Beautiful, Healing Living Space With This Unique Illustrated Guide From The Founder Of HausWitch, The Popular Salem, Massachusetts, Store And Online Lifestyle Brand.Anyone Looking To Put Together Their Ideal Home Full Of Beauty, Comfort, Protection, And Positive Energy Will Gravitate To HausMagick, A Simple And Striking Modern Handbook For Using Witchcraft To Bring Divine Wellbeing Into Every Dwelling.Author And HausWitch Founder Erica Feldman Teaches You How To Transform Any Space Into A Sacred Sanctuary Using The Principles Of The HausWitch Brand, Which Brings Together Earth Magic, Meditation, Herbalism, Jungian Psychology, Tarot, Astrology, Feminist Spirituality, And Interior Decoration.Organized By Six Fundamental Elements Manifestation, Clearing, Protection, Comfort, Harmony, And Balance HausMagick Includes Herbal Recipes For Clearing Sprays And Bath Salts, Folklore Inspired Decorating Tips, An Overview Of Tarot, Advice On Crystals, Ancient Home Healing Spells And Meditations, And.Featuring A Sophisticated And Inviting Layout, Filled With Than 100 Inspiring Colorful Photographs, HausMagick Is The Cool Modern Guide To A Transformed Living Space.

About the Author: Erica Feldmann

Erica Feldmann is the owner and founder of HausWitch Home Healing, a modern metaphysical lifestyle brand and shop located in Salem, MA and online anywhere Erica has been using intuition to heal spaces from a very young age A Chicago native, Erica moved to Salem, MA in 2010 to study witches and the sacred feminine in the Gender and Cultural Studies graduate program at Simmons College The knowl

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    I received this book for free as part of an Instagram tour TLC Book Tours specifically I did to promote the book I was so excited to read this book because I am super interested in witchcraft and I love interior design and all things homey I was not disappointed.First off, this is a beautiful coffee table book Everything about it is high quality from the pages to the photos It makes the perfect addition to any coffee table or bookshelf display Just a little side note since this is a coffee table book, this book is not meant to give you a large or comprehensive overview of witchcraft If you re looking for that, I suggest reading something else Secondly, I love love LOVE that the author brings up cultural appropriation in witchcraft It s a small little mention but much appreciated She also includes a recommended reading list at the end for those who are interested in learning about the original context of some of the prac...

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    I visited Salem over the summer and happened into Haus Witch which is run by Erica Feldmann, the author of this book I couldn t wait to read this book and it didn t disappoint.It s a handbook on turning your home into a sanctuary by using astrology, tarot, crystals and spells Feldmann organizes the book into six chapters Manifestat...

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    This was Wicca light which was just perfect for me It helped me jump start my spring cleaning and, importantly, really think about how my space affects me and my family The biggest affect it had was in our bedroom where I really paid attention to the room that is the home of my relationship and deserved respect than it was getting Anything that didn t belong there went Oh and there s stuff about crystals, oils and plants It s a pretty little book with pleasant pictures to inspire I would ...

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    Expressing ourselves through our homes has never been approachable Pinterest brings a multitude of ideas to our fingertips Fixer Upper and other HGTV shows seems to be the pastime of many Whether you own your home or rent a new spot every year, there is a certain allure to making your space reflect who you really are For those that consider themselves to be Pagan, there is often the desire to mesh our spiritual practices with our home decor Sometimes this is to the benefit of mixing magic and mundane to integrate our practices Other times, it falls into the witchy aesthetic and can leave practitioners feeling a bit empty HausMagick Transform Your Home with Witchcraft by Erica Felmann aims to help everyone find the right balance of using magic and Paganism to enhance their homes authentically This book is like a small coffee table style book than a sit down and read page to page book There are big, beautiful photos on almost every page You ll see photos from the author s home and shop The only downside is that all the images are clearly of the same design aesthetic leaving less room for a range of tastes The actual content of the book is easy to read It covers manifesting, clearing, protection, comfort, harmony, and balance Those are basically the fancy chapter names for topics like decluttering and working with people who have different decor ideas You ll get a sweet, simple intr...

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    Am I a witch The short answer is yes The longer answer is that I like to say that I have always liked the acronym W.I.T.C.H for Woman in Total Control of Herself, which is something I strive very hard to be Ohhhh, I REALLY liked this book Her words spoke to my very core and while I already incorporate a lot of what she discussed in this book, my struggle has always been how to make our home of a sanctuary HausMagick helped to provide me with a starting point, a foundation and I found Feldmann s techniques and tools to be very empowering and easily applicable It means taking simple steps toward improving your quality of life and starting to see how you can shift the energy around you in your favor The book is broken down into six chapters ManifestingClearingProtection ComfortHarmony BalanceEach chapter ...

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    A good refresher course, and I learned some new things.

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    I found it to be insufferable It is a rambling mix of witchy meets new age meets design Giant eyeroll at mentioning cultural appropriation and providing a reading list in the back and then doing the very thing throughout with no context.

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    This book practically jumped off the shelf at the library I felt like I had to take it home the title made me giggle, too Written by the owner of a boutique in Salem, MA, it was a fun book to read and look through I loved this A spell is a prayer with props There are some re...

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    Are you into hygge, Marie Kondo, feng shui, and a fan of the latest trendy new age ideas, with a little bit of originality and sass on top of all that HausMagick is the book for you It s all about creating the right magic in your home, with a little help from witchcraft No, you re not going to get struck by a bolt of lightning if you pick up this book Erica Feldmann is just about the cutest witch there is, and with her unique perspective, she explains how anybody can harness positive energy and make their home a sanctuary with the help of simple potions, practices, and yes, even by casting little spells These spells mostly take the form of arranging a few simple objects near each other and conjuring up some positive visualizations, so don t be scared The book is divided into sections on Manifesting, Clearing, Protection, Comfort, Harmony, and Balance Lots of info on crystals, using herbs and essential oils, and a bit of fun, spooky stuff like astr...

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    A lovely, gorgeous jaunt through house based magic This is very much for beginners, but I am ALL about how beautiful this books is My eyes have feasted on no witchy book quite like this, and I will probably end up buying it to have it on my shelf I also really appreciated Erica s commentary on New Age cultural appropriation, ethical and respectful harvesting sourcing of herbs for plant magic and her note on the use...

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