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[EPUB] ✰ Happy Singlehood  By Elyakim Kislev – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • ebook
  • 280 pages
  • Happy Singlehood
  • Elyakim Kislev
  • English
  • 01 October 2019

Happy Singlehood Happy Singlehood Charts A Way Forward For Singles To Live Life On Their Terms, And Shows How Everyone, Single Or Coupled, Can Benefit From Accepting Solo Living.Based On Personal Interviews, Quantitative Analysis, And Extensive Review Of Singles Writings And Literature, Author Elyakim Kislev Uncovers Groundbreaking Insights On How Unmarried People Create Satisfying Lives In A World Where Social Structures And Policies Are Still Designed To Favor Marriage.In This Carefully Crafted Book, Kislev Investigates How Singles Nurture Social Networks, Create Innovative Communities, And Effectively Deal With Discrimination Happy Singlehood Challenges Readers To Rethink How Single People Organize Social And Familial Ties In New Ways, And Illuminates How Educators, Policymakers, And Urban Planners Should Cater To Their Needs.

About the Author: Elyakim Kislev

Elyakim Kislev has a PhD in sociology from Columbia University and holds three master s degrees in counseling, public policy, and sociology He received the prestigious U.S Department of State Fulbright Fellowship and the Award for Outstanding Fulbright Scholars Kislev is currently a faculty member in the School of Public Policy and Government at the Hebrew University, specializing in minorities

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    I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy NetGalley of Happy Singlehood The Rising Acceptance and Celebration of Solo Living The stories and statistics resonated on multiple levels from witnessing some of my own family members struggle with the stereotyping that comes with choosing to remain permanently single after losing a spouse to an illness or divorce to my own lifelong internal battle of choosing marriage over single life Happy Singlehood takes the narrative of solo living beyond the traditional baseline assessment, presenting actionable steps that readers can implement immediately and long term to achieve dramatic results that defy the societal norm, Marriage is the best way Readers will learn how to accept and embrace singlehood, defy societal pressures, take a stand in the workplace that favors families over singles, and so much After reading the book, I find myself once ag...

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    As an author who writes about single life in the U.S., I was eager to read this book as soon as I heard about it It did not disappoint Drawing data from multiple cultures, it documents the growth of single life as a global phenomenon, illustrating not only differences but also astonishing similarities among disparate social groups In addition to presenting evidence to show how well singles fare in life despite the obstacles they face, Kislev pushes the envelope to speculate about future trends based on changes in social organizations, communication technolog...

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    This is an important book As Kislev points out, most people, when asked to name groups that are subject to discrimination and prejudice do not automatically name singles Yet the negative stereotyping, overt and subtle social exclusion, and discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere, faced by single people is constant and often goes unchallenged.Kislev cites interviews and statistical data to show that the growing trend towards long periods of singleness is both inevitable and potentially a positive development He also discusses the characteristics and strategies that enable many people to experience their singleness whether or not they consciously chose it as a joyous, healthy and productive way of life.Two discussions are missing here for me The first is the genuine desire that many people feel, to find a long term ideally life long partner I felt that this urge was treated in the book as a construct made up entirely of social pressure sometimes cynically reinforced by governments pragmatic calculations of future happiness, often misplaced We emerge with a sense that if people were fully aware that their needs for sex, companionship and practical support in old age could easily and reliably be met without marriage, most peoples desire for long term partnership would disappear Can this be demonstrated It wouldn t trouble me the message of the book is clearly that everyone must choose what is right for ...

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    Great book with a lot of insight Especially in these times of social change and and nonconformism Really helped me put a lot of abstract concepts I had had in my mind forever into words.I would really like a sequel that explores the possibility of a world where the family cell and monogamic relationships have ceased to exist I am single by choice, because I don t see how being in a relationship is the most effective way to live a happy life I d love for that angle to...

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    I was going through tough times in my life until this book came in my way It showed me that there is a way to live full life while being single Reading the book, I started to be open to the various possibilities exist out there I am very thankful for reading this one

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    I really loved this book and find it enlighting and interesting.I m having a very traditional family and being single is a constant burden in family meetings, this book taught me to accept my singlehood and have peace with that.SUPER RECOMMENDED FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

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    An enjoyable examination of all the ways single people live happily ever after despite discrimination and societal shortsightedness.

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    I love this book I m single and I love this book because it explores singlehood and what the author refers to as solo living today.It s an engaging read, starts out with in depth statistics, research and slowl...

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