[ PDF ] ✎ The Sicilian's Secret Son Author Angela Bissell – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk

[ PDF ] ✎ The Sicilian's Secret Son Author Angela Bissell – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • The Sicilian's Secret Son
  • Angela Bissell
  • English
  • 22 September 2017

The Sicilian's Secret SonLuca Cavallari Is A Man Who Always Gets What He Wants So When He Uncovers The Existence Of His Hidden Son, He S Determined To Whisk His New Family Away To His Sprawling Sicilian Estate Convincing Gentle Annah Sinclair Won T Be Easy But Denying Their Still Fierce Attraction Is Even Harder And Luca Knows There S Only One Way To Truly Claim Annah And His Son Marriage

About the Author: Angela Bissell

Angela writes contemporary romance for Harlequin Presents Mills and Boon Modern Readers can visit her at

10 thoughts on “The Sicilian's Secret Son

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    Touching and emotional secret baby story Hero and heroine spend a night together and heroine ends up pregnant She tries to contact the hero but hero s father tells her his son doesn t want her child and he gives her money to have an abortion Naturally heroine keeps her baby and 5 years later hero discovers he has a son and that his father s lies ruined his life He reunites with heroine and their chemistry is sizzling so he proposes marriage but she doesn t want a loveless marriage Great story Both hero and heroine were likable Heroine was a good mother and hero a caring father He was not really alpha, he was of a beta hero Their son was a cutie and even hero s mother was a nice character The mafia element was interesting and the future epilogue 14 years later with their 4 kids w...

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    Well done HP with non HP qualities.1 The Sicilian hero doesn t threaten the heroine, blackmail or intimidate her when he founds out about his secret son Yes, she did try and tell him, but the evil dad warned her off.2 The heroine is willing to give dual custody a shot and actually thinks about contacting an attorney Contacting an attorney in HP Land Shockins.3 The heroine has a moment of traitorous body syndrome but controls it She later loses it, but, you know, HP.4 Slipped back into tropeville with bad daddy as in the H s bad daddy so hero can never love because love means never having to say your sorry is meaningless.Anyhoo, it s been about a week or so since I read it Better than usual HP with none of the irritating tropes that make me w...

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    I should love this and it was good but H was too sweet for me thus 3,25 stars

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    This epilogue was fantastic So good Review to come.

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    2 Meh Luca frowned A voice whispered in his head You know her No He shoved the notion away It was crazy Fanciful The world was full of blue eyed, flaxen haired beauties.Yet a voice in his head mocked him It wasn t only about Ethan It was about Annah He had taken her virginity and now she was the mother of his child.Annah s cynical outlook on relationships horrified Chloe, but Chloe was lucky She had amazing parents who still adored each other after thirty years of marriage An older brother blissfully married to his high school sweetheart, their third child on the way.Luca had not lived like a monk these past five years Building his business in New York had taken priority over everything else, but he had not denied himself the company of women when he desired it.Annah s brows knitted You think love is a weakness I think it clouds people s judgement, he said Warps their view of things She took an unsteady breath You re talking ...

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    With a great epilogue.When his heir is revealedhe ll protect what s his with a ring Luca Cavallari is a man who always gets what he wants So when he uncovers the existence of his hidden son, he s determined to whisk his ...

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    Loved it

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    4 stelle Siciliane I picked this up because it looks a little like my Sicilian hubby on the cover, we spent one of our first dates walking to Isola Bella pictured on the back cover , and my son is Luca A sweet romantic story and a very quick read.

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    this is the first book I ve read from this author and I enjoyed it.

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    I can absolutely recommend this one It was a delightful read After his father s death, Luca learned that a woman he had a one night stand five years earlier had given birth to his son He travelled to England to find Annah, the one night stand he never did forget, with the intention of meeting hisI loved Annah, Luca and Ethan, but Eva, Luca s mum broke my heart She is a beautifully strong woman and her husband was a POS This was my first read from Ms Bisse...

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