Free ↠ Reverie By S.L. Stacy –

Free ↠ Reverie  By S.L. Stacy –
  • ebook
  • Reverie
  • S.L. Stacy
  • English
  • 10 May 2018

Reverie I M Working On A New Stand Alone, Halloween Inspired Novel Set In The Reborn World, Based On The Hades Persephone Myth Synopsis Below Expected Publication Date Is Subject To Change Cora Evangelista Spent Most Of Her Childhood Being Shuffled Between Foster Families, With Little Memory Of Home Or Her Birth Parents The Only Clue About Her Past Came In The Form Of A Recurring Dream, Of A Handsome, Familiar Stranger When She Was Younger, He Was Like An Older, Wiser Friend, Her Anchor In A Sea Of Uncertainty As She Grew Older, The Dreams Took A Sensual Turn, As Her Imaginary Friend Became Her Fantasy LoverNow A Junior In College, Cora Has Come To Know Stability, Even Success She S Roomates With Her Best Friend, Dot She Works Hard And Plays Harder When She Has Time, She Dates, Although No One Has Ever Compared To The Mysterious Man Still Haunting Her Dreams Cora Has Resigned Herself To The Fact That No One Will Ever Live Up To Him But One Fateful Halloween Night, A Freak Earthquake Disrupts Dot And Cora S Drunken Walk Home From A Party A Golden Chariot Bursts From The Unstable Ground, Helmed By None Other Than The Literal Man Of Her Dreams Before Cora Knows What S Happening, He Whisks Her Away To Another World The Underworld.In The Underworld, Far Away From Her Adoptive Parents And Best Friend, Reality Is A Far Cry From Cora S Dark Yet Delicious Dreams Hades, Its King, Has Brought Her There Despite Her Protests, Claiming It Is Her True Home, And She Its Lost Queen Hades Believes Cora Is His Soulmate Cora Thinks Hades Is Delusional Even So, There S Something About This Desolate Place That S Familiar To Her, Giving Her The Sense Of Belonging She S Always Missed And Awakening Her Own Latent Powers As Cora Searches For A Way Back To The Only Place She S Ever Called Home, She And Hades Begin To Form A Tentative Friendship But Hades Has A Secret, One That Will Test Their Evolving Relationship And Make Cora Question Whether The Dark King Is Really Friend Or Foe.

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