[[ Reading ]] ➶ ICB, Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible, Hardcover Author Thomas Nelson – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk

[[ Reading ]] ➶ ICB, Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible, Hardcover  Author Thomas Nelson – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 1312 pages
  • ICB, Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible, Hardcover
  • Thomas Nelson
  • 08 May 2019
  • 9781400210749

ICB, Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible, Hardcover The Rainbow Sequin Sparkle And Change Bible Is Sure To Be A Hit With Girls The Dual Sided Sequins Change Color Right Before Your Eyes Girls Will Love The Design And Will Want To Carry The Sparkle And Change Bible With Them Everywhere This Sequin Sparkle And Change Bible Features Rainbow Sequins That Change Color Depending On Which Way Your Child Swipes It S Double The Fun It S Perfect For Kids Ages 6 10 To Take To Sunday School, Read With The Family, Or Study On Their Own.The International Children S Bible ICB Is The First Bible Translation Created Specifically For Children Set In A Large, Readable Font, The Translation Is Easy To Read And Understand For Children At A Third Grade Reading Level The Bible Text Is Set In Ten Point Type, With Bold In Text Subject Heads That Help Kids Easily Find The Passages They Are Looking For Also Included Are Boldface Words That Correspond With A Dictionary And Concordance Entry To Explain Word Definitions A Great New Feature In This Updated Setting Is Than 300 Key Verses That Are Highlighted Throughout The Bible For Kids To Read And Learn.The ICB, Sequin Sparkle And Change Bible Includes Features Such As Bible Timeline To Give Kids A Historical Foundation For Key Biblical Stories And Events In The Order They HappenedPresentation Page To Personalize For Gift GivingPeople In Bible Times Information On Notable Bible Characters Including Jesus, The Disciples And Kids In The BibleBlank Lined Page For Journaling To Give Kids A Space To Write Down Favorite Bible VersesFull Color Bible Maps To Help Kids Visualize Historical Events And Where They HappenedIllustrated Insert PagesStudy Helps For Beginner Bible Readers On How To Study The Bible And How To PrayArticles To Build A Child S Faith How Do I Know Jesus Loves Me , Bible Verses To Know , Knowing Jesus Better Your Little Girl Will Love Her Sequin Sparkle And Change Bible

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    I received a complimentary copy of these two Bibles from Tommy Nelson an imprint of Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review I was not required to write a positive review All thoughts below are my own I am not reviewing the Scriptures contained in the Bible, just the product A SPARKLY, FUN TREASURE FOR YOUNG GIRLS TO CHERISH AS THEY GROW SPIRITUALLY These beautifully crafted Holy Bibles are not only gorgeous and well designed, they re an invaluable gift and resource to young girls as they seek to read God s word, learn how to pray, grow in Jesus and deepen their relationship with the One who created them What better gift can a young girl receive than the Word of God in a format she can relate to, understand and feel empowered by I distinctly remember receiving my first Bible, shortly after I asked Jesus to come into my life at age six I still have that little white Bible to this day, it s cover worn, pages ear marked and Scriptures highlighted or underlined from years of Bible drills and Sunday School.Flipping through these beautiful new Bibles brought back floods of memories and encouraged me as I eagerly anticipate the day when my daughter is old enough to read and hold God s Word in her little hands The Sparkle and Change Holy Bible is available in various versions so you can decide what fit is best for your child and family Each Bible comes with a sequined cover that girls will enjoy flipping to reveal sparkly hearts and designs The Bibles are hardcover formats making them durable and sturdy for years of use Inside, there are 24 high gloss pages inserted throughout that offer places for girls to easily study and learn things like the Biblical timeline, maps, and topics such as Why Should I Read the Bible , How Do I Know Jesus Loves Me , How Do I Forgive and How Can I Let God s Love Shine Through Me In addition, these pages offer places for girls to write their favorite verses, plus review cheat sheets on topics covering the Disciples, Names of God and Miracles of Jesus The fonts and colors on these pages are soft, girly and fun, encouraging young minds to dive deeper in the Word The Bible pages are light and easy to read with chapters and verses split apart for easy reference One feature I personally loved was how there are 300 pre highlighted key verses throughout the Bible that are perfect for memorization or study points on the promises of God At the back of Bible is a helpful dictionary, Where Do I Find It guide, a section on God s promises and memory verse index.The International Children s Bible is a translation younger kids can read and understand on their own The New King James Version can be understood by mature young girls, but felt a bit pre teen to me Of course, I always highly recommend reading Scripture with your children These Bibles are a good resource and tool for a young girl to use independently or at school as her freedom in Christ grows.The Sparkle and Change Holy Bible would make a great gift for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend or any young girl I personally think this would make an excellent birthday, spiritual birthday or Christmas gift as well It seems to be geared best for elementary school children to pre teen Keep scrolling for options on where to buy

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    With a modern, sparkly look and interesting added information and study guides, this makes for a lovely gift especially for girls ages ten and over.The thing which caught my attention on this Bible was the sequin coversomething my own daughters find amazing Although it was a bit stiff at first thanks to the newness the sequins soon work wonderfully and expose a lovely heart underneath They are well attached, and it appears, they will hold well for a relatively long time Of course, however, this is not the main purpose of the Bible If someone is interested in lovely illustrations, this is not the Bible to choose Rather, it adds interesting and well illustrated study aides, which not only help on the fact end but also give the reader tips on their life as a Christian and how to imply, in a very general sense, that what the Bible teaches in their daily lives There are pages where the reader can make their own notes favorite Bible verses, etc Other pages give chance for reflection Each one is written at a level the intended age group can understand and relate to, and yet, it never speaks down to the reader Unlike many Bibles, there are several indexes and search helps before Genesis begins In addition to the Table of Contents, a quick list of where to find verses relating to certain topics hope, death, etc is given, making it clear that this is a Bible to seek guidance and help There is also a several page illustration of a basic Bible time line, which helps to show what happened when At the end, among other things, there are also several maps and layouts of geographical areas to help to reader visualize the area where some of the important occurrences take place The pages themselves are thin but relatively durable The ICB version is created with the age group in mind, and the important and well known verses are highlighted as well There isn t any room on the edges or in the text for notes, but this isn t unusual.My own daughter found this to be a delightful Bible and enjoys the layout as well as the helps included.I received a complimentary copy from booklook bloggers, and my daughters and I both found it to be so lovely that I wanted to leave my honest thoughts.

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    With the exception of the cover and some of the colors chosen for trim on the inside, these Bibles are identical Using reversible sequins, they would appeal to girls from 1st through 4th grade The 24 pages of full color helps include short essays, suggested Bible memory verses, and maps Important verses are highlighted though the paper is so thin that highlighting from the reverse side often appears on the reverse side of the sheet.The highlighting above actually is from the verse Psalm 139 23 24 on the previous page A quick glance of this whole page looks as if four verses are highlighted all four are from the previous page The thin pages might make the Bible difficult to handle for a child it is difficult to turn back a single page and pages may be easily torn The translation reads easily 16 For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son God gave his Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life 17 God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world guilty, but to save the world through him 18 He who believes in God s Son is not judged guilty He who does not believe has already been judged guilty, because he has not believed in God s only Son 19 People are judged by this fact I am the Light from God that has come into the world But men did not want light They wanted darkness because they were doing evil things 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light He will not come to the light because it will show all the evil things he has done 21 But he who follows the true way comes to the light Then the light will show that the things he has done were done through God I am not qualified to evaluate the translation, per se But neither is a child if the stones can deliver the Word of God Luke 19 40 , so can this translation.The publisher suggests that both version of this Bible are aimed at a feminine audience similar resources need to made available for the boys in the church._____________This review is based on a free copies provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review The opinions expressed are my own.

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    My daughter is 9 years old and in love with mermaid sequins pillows, shirts, journals, etc, etc So when I saw this Bible with that feature on the cover, I knew she d love it Swipe one way and it s rainbow colors with a subtle rainbow heart like the eye test to see if you re color blind, LOL , or swipe the other way to see the silver heart surrounded by rainbows She loves pink, but rainbow colors are her favorite For those that have girls who prefer pink, Thomas Nelson does have the same Bible with pink sequins instead.This Bible would make a nice gift for any kid that enjoys sequins It s strangely soothing to swipe up and down to watch the pattern change I don t think it would be distracting to reading the Bible It s just a nice look on the cover and something fun or personal to the child that owns it My daughter can definitely say that this is her Bible She s the sequins girl It s surprisingly lightweight It offers a colorful timeline in the front and maps in the back It also has a list of the names of Jesus twelve disciples Throughout the Bible there are specific words highlighted in gray to catch the eye And there are questions answers along with references to scripture to back up those answers Such as How do I pray or How do I study the Bible It s not a lot, but a maybe three separate pages within the Bible When you first purchase the Bible, the sequins are a little stiff So if you re giving this as a gift, I d play with it for a bit to loosen them up before giving it This is definitely a Bible I d consider giving as a gift for my Sunday school students I received a complimentary copy from Booklook Blogger This is my honest opinion of the product.

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    The Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible from Tommy Nelson Bibles comes in a few different colours and translations Pictured above is the rainbow International Children s Bible One of my favourite trends of late is the mermaid sequins that change patterns or colours depending on which way you swipe them The cover of the Bible uses these sequins so that one way it is a cute assortment of colours and the other direction reveals a silver heart.This children s Bible is a new translation, the ICB or International Children s Bible, which I actually rather like It s a genuine translation, not simply a paraphrase for children, though there are things that are shortened for clarity Overall, it s a good translation for the target audience, which is around 3rd grade and up.There are cute maps in the back of the Bible and a biblical timeline towards the front Within are multiple, easy to read articles that I found adorable and I think children will find beneficial Over 300 significant verses are already highlighted throughout the Bible and there are verses for memorization in the back.I think this Bible would make a good gift for a girl In general, it s not a bad translation and the articles are short and unbiased enough that a parent shouldn t have to worry about what their daughter might be learning from it, but deep enough that she is learning from it.I received a free copy of this Bible in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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    My Reflection This Bible features the now trendy sequin changing design that is all the rage amongst children of all ages right now You see this type of cover on everything from pillows to t shirts, so it is no surprise that it now is featured on a Bible My daughter loves the texture and the versatility on the cover of this Bible, she has already spent much time making different designs on the cover to go ahead and erase them and start fresh I am glad that Bibles are so diverse in their design and style, yet keeping with a traditional layout within The pages are sturdy and of good quality, ready for young hands and eager minds The layout is much as you would expect, with timeline, scripture reference space and colourful maps Any child will love this beautifully appointed Bible, it would make a wonderful addition to your regular family devotional time If you are looking for a gift idea this may be just what you are searching for.Bible has been provided courtesy of Bool Look Publishers, thank you Book Look

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    Do you want a gorgeous Bible that is sure to enthrall a little or bigger girl Than look no further because this Bible is absolutely perfect My 3 year old is so thrilled to have her own Bible and can hardly put it down,wanting to carry it with her everywhere she goes All of the bigger girls who see it love it too so it appeals to a wide range of kids This is a quality made Bible, the sequins are so much fun to play with and make several different fun patterns that delights the girls This would make a fabulous gift and is perfect for anyone with girls.I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    I received a complimentary copy A beautiful cover and very good quality pages The binding is really nice so pages are not going to fall out The Bible is not really unusual and would make the perfect holiday gift for any faith based child with an eye for shiny things I think taking this to a Bible study or even taking the time to be with your little one while they explore the book would be a blessing for you both It is a Bible the whole family can read together.

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