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[Read] ➳ Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage  ➻ Curt Landry – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage
  • Curt Landry
  • 23 January 2019
  • 9781400209408

Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage A Timely And Groundbreaking Take On The Roots Of The Christian Church And Its Place In The Entirety Of God S Kingdom There Is No Better Time Than Now To Learn About And Become Firmly Grounded Within Your Spiritual Heritage From The Foreword By Perry StoneThe Early Church Was Made Up Of Jewish And Gentile Followers Of Jesus, And The Church S Culture Was Rooted In Judaism And A Jewish Understanding Of God S Relationship To His People Over Time, However, Christianity Became Increasingly Roman Than Jewish, And The Church Lost Its Identity.Rabbi Curt Landry S Personal Story Is Remarkably Similar Born To A Jewish Mother And A Catholic Father, Landry Was Put Up For Adoption, And For Than Thirty Years He Had No Understanding Of His Heritage, His Roots, Or Who His Parents Were But When He Discovered The Truth Of His Story, His Life Changed Completely.The Key To A Life Of Power And Purpose Is Understanding Who You Are In This Revelatory Book, Curt Landry Helps Christians Discover Their Roots In Judaism, Empowering Them To Walk In The Revelation Of Who They Really Are And Who They Are Born To Be Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage Reveals The Mysteries Of The Church, Letting Christians Grasp The Power That Comes From Connecting With Their True Identity.

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    This book is about Curt Landry s life and ministry and how finding biological roots in his life that he never knew about can compare to finding the lost Jewish roots of Christianity He talks about how the ministries he s involved in came to be through God s intervention He focuses a lot on how the roots of Christianity are Jewish and that we should embrace them and allow them to change us Most of it read like a memoir to me but there were chapters that seemed to be just informational too It is a book that can be helpful to someone just entering the Messianic Jewish movement because it explains about the Jewish Sabbath and Biblical feasts, and can also be helpful to people that want to pick up tidbits of information about the Jewish roots of Christianity that they may have not learned before or need a refresher about.One of first the things that caught my attention in this book is that Curt explains that a lot of Jewish people view money differently than most non Jewish people do It sounded like they want to have enough money to bless others with, and they strive not to be in poverty That helped me to be a little sympathetic towards Jewish people for being focused on making a lot of money sometimes It has also helped me to be grateful that maybe my current Messianic Jewish leader doesn t gain financially much or at all for the times when we need to give beyond tithe to participate.I found it interesting that the author was led to read the Bible book of Jeremiah and that he found his calling there I have been learning to read, write, and speak the book of Jeremiah in modern Hebrew for about two or years now so it made me wonder if God led me to that book for a reason, also.I had learned a little about being a Judeo Christian in the past and I have been going through a time it has come back up this book is one of the resources it was brought up to me again So, coming across that subject briefly in this book has helped me to want to open up the subject again in my life It was also interesting to learn that half Jews were considered Samaritans Page 136 Such a blessing to come across this book To me, it was most encouraging to learn Curt s life started out very hard and got much better, and that God s hands were in it the whole time it sounded like Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    If you are interested in learning about the historical and cultural aspects of Judaism so that you can gain a richer understanding of the Bible and Christianity, you might be surprised to learn that this really isn t the focal point of Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage How Understanding The Jewish Roots Of Christianity Can Transform Your Faith Instead, Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage provides us with of an autobiographical look at the life of Curt Landry a man who was adopted from a Catholic orphanage in the 1950s when his unwed Catholic father and Jewish mother decide they are unable to raise him.The book shows how his personal experiences and key encounters at pivotal moments in his life ultimately led him to God, his birth father, the discovery that he was half Jewish, and into ministry.One of the overarching themes in this book, based on his personal experience, is how our family history and life experiences combine to impact our spiritual identity.While the author provides theological insights towards the latter half of the book, the overall content did not quite match what I expected based on the title.Nonetheless, from an autobiographical perspective, I enjoyed reading Curt s story and his unique perspective on spiritual identity.I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.This excerpt is taken from the original review that is published on my blog To read my review in its entirety, please visit Create With Joy.

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    I had a really hard time getting into this book, and it wasn t what I had expected based on the descriptiontherefore it wasn t a very positive reading experience The author has written about his journey of faith, where he felt as though he was ungrounded and had no real foundation of faith He comes to Christ on his own, but then also learns about his parents Catholic and Jewish religious backgrounds after the fact, and so begins to study Judaism as well He founded a ministry that professes to bridge the gap between Christianity and Judaism One of the places he loses me is where he makes suggestions for all Christians based solely upon what worked for his personal journeywhich was pretty unique He doesn t seem to be committed to either faith, but is content to straddle the linewhich usually works okay until you fall.

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    The church was created by Jesus, who was born Jewish His early followers were both Jewish and Gentile, and the church s early culture was rooted in Judaism and a Jewish understanding of God s relationship to his people Over time, Christianity became increasingly Roman than Jewish How did this transformation affect the church s identity Bible Gateway interviewed Rabbi Curt Landry about his book, Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage How Understanding the Jewish Roots of Christianity Can Transform Your Faith Thomas Nelson, 2018 Read our interview with Curt Landry here

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    It will change your lifePraise God It is a book that will change your life It has changed mine I am blessed by Rabbis words He has set me on a path to fulfill my true calling to do Gods will This book will Bless you too Shalom

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