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[Download] ➾ Transformed  Author Remi Adeleke – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Transformed
  • Remi Adeleke
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9780785219767

Transformed What Are The Odds Statistics Tell Us That African American Males Who Grow Up In A Single Parent Household Are Nine Times Likely To Drop Out Of High School And Twenty Times Likely To End Up In Prison Than Any Other Demographic But What Would It Take For One Young Man Not Only To Rise Above Those Statistics But Also Become A Navy SEAL, Actor, Entrepreneur, Writer, And Successful Husband And Father In Transformed, Remi Adeleke Takes You Back To Stories From His Childhood, From Living As Nigerian Royalty To Losing His Father Early In Life And Being Stripped Financially Of Everything By The Nigerian Government He Delves Into Being Raised By A Single Mother In The Bronx And Doesn T Shy Away From His Illegal Activities As A Young Man That Threatened To Derail His Future At Every Turn, Including Throughout His Naval Career, Adeleke Found A Way To Overcome The Odds, Even When It Didn T Make Sense His Is An Inspiring Story Of True Personal Transformation.

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    I read the book via Audible so really Remi read it to me Since Remi is the subject, author and is an actor it was a very good combination to make the listening experience excellent Those are simply features of an amazing story of transformation Remi made me mad, laugh out loud, cry, anxious and exhilarated as I consumed his book The constant obsticles and relationsionships that moved him forward and the overcoming of ego and pride to hammer humility into himself is inspiring Many woman are champions in this book and a few men as well There were moments that I wanted to ring Remi s neck and there were moments I wanted to kick him in the tail kind of like my son , but this book was a delight because his mother s voice from raising him came through and Remi had what it takes to listen to her when it really mattered I loved the book and thourghly enjoyed meeting Remi when he came through Atlanta in May.

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    This book started out a bit slowly And it did drag a bit at times But all in all it was a very interesting read Remi started out life as a privileged prince living a life of luxury in Nigeria until his father died and his mother had to return to the US, almost penniless She did have an apartment in the Bronx, so they were better off than many Her perseverance and fortitude kept Remi out of gangs and in school But it didn t keep him totally out of trouble Remi describes his experiences selling drugs, cutting rap records and selling illegal phones until he finally gets wise and joins the service with the idea that he will become a Navy Seal The recruiting angel he meets, the redeeming angels he meets, all lead him to his actual redeemer, Jesus It s a powerful story of real redemption and transformation.

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    I ve written a Navy SEAL novel and thus have done a lot of research and am a Navy wife I m interested in stories like Adeleke s that tell of how the military changed the trajectory of a life for the good Thank God for PO Reyes.I heard him on the Metaxas show and found his story intriguing.The book is detailed than probably most people need to understand the circumstances of his life Our family, however, enjoyed hearing about his extraordinary work to become a SEAL.I m not all that interested in Bronx street life or movies, but I would have liked to hear about his spiritual life, particularly in the rough and tumble SEAL experience those men are the sin eaters of American policy, a terrible job it doesn t show up until pretty late in this story.

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    So months ago my sister told me that her friend was writing a book I was like, well that s nice and moved on with my life Then I was at her house and noticed in her, chaotically organized, office that she had the book, the audio book, and the e book I made a comment about it and she was all, You read You should read his book It won t take you long Look, here is my one claim to fame on page 139 Well, it did take me long, but that is because I had 2 library books to read and I took a business trip Okay, that is just a small background of how I came to read this book Now for the actual review.Wow Remi was a bad, bad man Props for putting your whole life out there for the world to critic with either open mindedness or close mindedness At first I did not like how the book started The opening chapter just felt out of place Then as I got to chapter 3 I realized that it actually made sense why he opened the way he did I found the book easy to read and very profound It takes a lot of courage for someone to basically tell on themselves Of course, I would hope he made amends for some of the things he had done in the past.I would have liked for it to be just a bit longer I felt the ending was just a bit abrupt I didn t feel like the circle was complete I have some unanswered questions I know he will be in Dallas, TX on the 9th of June So, maybe I can accost him there get my questions answered I understand that the book is really about how he transformed into the person he is today I just would have liked to read about when he partnered with I Am Second and about the multiple business adventures Truly, that is my only critic The book was an excellent read and I do hope he will continue to write .

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    I could NOT book this book down The author takes you on a rollercoaster ride FULL of emotions EVERY emotion you can feel, I felt it It truly transformed ME I laughed, cried, felt frustrated, got nervous, everything Remi s story makes you want to do something with your gifts, to trust the process and that the people who come and go in your life truly play a role no matter how long they re IN your life I also have an even greater appreciation for our military men and women and I come from a military family I was sad when I finished because I wanted MORE Haven t read a book this good in a very long time Must read

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    I had the opportunity to meet Remi at a men s conference in Texas He was so generous, authentic, and inspiring After spending about 2 minutes talking to him, I couldn t wait to hear of his story Thankfully I had that opportunity by reading his story in his own words.This book shines a bright light on what it looks like to be truly transformed by Jesus Christ Remi is honest and vulnerable as he takes us on his journey through life Be prepared to be challenged and inspired to allow God to work through every aspect of your life.

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    WOW The transparency of this material is eye opening The book takes you on a roller coaster ride of adventure The twists and turns and loop to loops are breathtaking The way God transformed the author s life was truly inspirational And the way it s captured is wonderful I highly recommend this book You will NOT be disappointed.

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    Amazing testimony A well told and engaging story of how Remi s life was transformed in way that one It is inspiring For the reader to go out and make a difference for those who are in around You don t need to move mountains but investing in those around you makes a world of difference.

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    Transformed is a book for everyone to enjoy Remi takes us along his path and honestly shows the truth about his life For someone to rise above all the self destruction and negative circumstances and live an honorable is inspiring.I will be sharing this with loved ones and spreading the gospel God bless you Remi

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    Excellent book Excellent book This is the best autobiography I ve read Inspirational, interesting and well written This book is an example of, even when the odds are stacked against you Through hard work, dedication, and self discipline You can achieve your goal s , grow and become a better person Must read.

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