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[Ebook] ➢ Brick Builders Illustrated Bible  Author Emily Dammer – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Brick Builders Illustrated Bible
  • Emily Dammer
  • 26 October 2019
  • 9780310754374

Brick Builders Illustrated Bible The Brick Builder S Illustrated Bible Uses The Popularity Of Brick Building Pieces To Engage Children With The Word Of God With Bold, Colorful Illustrations By Antony Evans And Child Friendly Text, Over 35 Beloved Stories From The Old And New Testaments Come To Life Readers Will Travel From Genesis To Revelation As They Read Stories Like Creation, Noah S Ark, David And Goliath, The Birth Of Jesus, And Jesus Walks On Water And Each Story Contains A Building Block Takeaway For Kids To Help Them Apply The Biblical Principal To Their Own Lives What Better Way To Bring The Family Together Than With The Brick Builder S Illustrated Bible, Perfect For Readers Of All Ages.

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    The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible is everything a children s Bible storybook should be Full of bright, colorful pictures, exciting story choices, and most importantly, readable and understandable writing The fact that all the picture appeared to be made out of plastic bricks was just icing on the proverbial cake If you have a LEGO lover in the house, they will surely enjoy this book.

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    My thoughts The BRICK BUILDERS ILLUSTRATED BIBLE is a Bible based storybook using popular building bricks such as Lego to illustrate it There are twenty one stories set in the New Testament mostly about Jesus and fifteen set in the Old Testament mostly Genesis The stories are very simply told and some of the color combinations make it hard for older eyes to read This book has a hard cover, a gift page and the pages are stiff which might make it difficult for children to tear I don t like the smudging of biblical facts, and some of the building brick people are scary looking Great for fans of children s building bricks I was given a copy free All opinions are my own.

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    The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible uses the popularity of brick building pieces to engage children with than 35 beloved Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, states the back jacket of this children s book What This two hundred and twenty four page hardbound book targets young children from four to eight years old The book covers thirty six known stories taken from the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible With no overtly scary or violent scenes, it would best be read out loud to non readers or beginner readers who like to look at pictures due to their limited reading comprehension level The New International Reader s Version of the Bible is referenced.After an ownership page, table of contents, and introduction, the book contains fifteen stories from the Old Testament and twenty one from the New Testament, with each being four to eight pages long Using the popular colorful toy bricks, complete scenes with little plastic people who have expressive faces are on all pages that relate to the stories The end of each chapter has a highlighted Building Block section that can be applied to the reader Why Our almost three year old grandson loves Legos and plays with the people characters often This chapter book that depicts illustrations using the little bricks has short, to the point stories written in a positive way Although not all the stories provide all the facts, they generalize the events Some of the stories cover creation, Noah s ark, the Tower of Babel, Elijah s altar, Jonah, Jesus s birth, His many miracles, and His death and resurrection I appreciated it includes a story about believers of Christ being in Heaven Some of the characters such as a happy Abraham, pharaoh s daughter, pregnant Mary, sheep, and angels are engaging Why Not Those who do not want to promote teaching a child about Bible stories will pass on this book Some may be not like that the stories are commercialized by using the iconic bricks, but they may be enjoyed by young Lego enthusiasts It may be too advanced for beginner readers due to the two and three syllable words Some may not realize this is not a fully illustrated Bible but many stories Wish I wish all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence I found some of the liberties taken overly enhance the stories such as Jonah soaring through the air when he was spat out of the fish and the added conversations WantIf you are looking for a book of simplified stories from the Bible that cater to those who love to build with mini toy blocks, this would be a good selection for a young one who is just learning about God s Word but be aware it is not completely accurate.Thanks to ZBlogSquad for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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    My three year old daughter, Hope, LOVES Legos A friend got her a Lego kit for Christmas and she and my husband did it in one fell swoop I m honestly not sure who had fun her or my husband Because of Hope s interest in Legos, I was excited to review the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible published by Zonderkidz.To be clear, the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible features Lego like characters BUT not actual Legos, which may or may not matter to your kid It didn t matter to mine, who was captivated by the pictures in this Bible.Because of Hope s interest in the pictures, this was a Bible she wanted to read, something I also very much appreciated Its stories are also short and easily digestible, making the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible a good option even for toddlers.There are, however, three things I didn t love about the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible.First, its scope is rather narrow It contains only 15 stories from the Old Testament, five of which are from Genesis It contains another 21 from the New Testament, all but one of which are focused on Jesus which is good, but it also means that very little of the New Testament is actually covered.Second, I hated the Building Blocks sections which were designed, I think, to help children understand a nugget from each lesson Despite what I m sure was a good intention, they felt extraordinarily repetitive and trivial.Third, I cringed at some of the liberties taken by the writer of the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible For example, in the story of Fishing for People based on Luke 5 1 11 , Peter falls to his knees and says, I am a sinner I do not deserve to be with you before then leaving everything behind to follow Jesus Those in the mainline traditions may struggle with the addition of something so closely resembling the sinner s prayer.Even so, if you can overlook these things, the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible will certainly engage young children, especially those who enjoy Legos I am excited to give away a copy of the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible to one lucky winner To enter, leave a comment before Jan 1 sharing one reason you d love to have a copy of the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible One winner will be chosen at random on Jan 1 Disclosure I received a free copy of the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible from the Blog about Blogger Network in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    As a mom of three Lego loving boys, I cannot tell you how obsessed my boys are with these colorful little plastic brick building pieces We ve been buying Legos for birthdays and Christmas, and any other occasion they could talk us into for the past 10 years In other words, don t walk around my house barefoot at night in the dark, ouch An amazing new book, the Brick Builder s Illustrated Bible released today and I know that if it had released 10 years sooner, we would probably still be reading it nightly because of my boy s fascination with anything Lego The Brick Builder s Illustrated Bible includes 35 stories from the Old and New Testament, written by Emily Dammer and illustrated by Antony Evans The stories are brief enough to hold the attention of a child, and powerful enough to communicate truth they will understand I sometimes find children s Bible illustrations be a bit boring But that is far from the case here My professor at Dallas Seminary, Prof Howard Hendricks used to say, If you are going to bore people, don t bore them with the Gospel Bore them with Calculus, bore them with earth science, bore them with world history, But it is a sin to bore people with the Gospel If you are a Christian parent, one of the most significant purchases you will ever make for you and your child, is a colorful and engaging children s Bible This one is sure to keep them interested Check out these bold, colorful illustrations The stories travel from Creation, Noah s Ark, David and Goliath, the birth of Jesus, his life, death, and resurrection Each story has a short building block takeaway for kids to apply the principles of what they just read While I love the well written stories, I do wish the story of Joseph had been included, because it s one of my favorites in Scripture But the story of Joseph is quite long and I could see why they couldn t include everything A great solution would be to release Brick Builder s Joseph Story separately I think that would be marvelous Hint, hint, Zondervan

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    This is literally the best children s Bible book, hands down It beautiful and bright the pages are FILLED with bold, colorful Lego esque illustrations, perfectly captivating the attention of any kid or big kid or adult that loves Legos From Genesis through Revelation, the Gospel truth is broken down into easy to read narratives, along with simple Building Block applications that allow for the Bible story to be processed practically My son, Milo, is too young 11 months to really grasp the truth behind these story time readings but he for sure isn t too young to enjoy this book for its illustrations I also think it s amazing and important for him to engage with the miracles and words of God start now, that way he is able to see that from a young age that God moves in mighty and beautiful ways.Also I cannot say ENOUGH that I love how different skin colors are featured in this book This has long since been a problem with children s Bibles Traditionally, EVERY character is portrayed as Caucasian That doesn t happen in this book Seriously, the cover Sampson looks like The Rock Jesus is a brunette, Mary is tan, and on page 139 we ve got a man with skin the color of dark ebony AND lots of women that illustrated in the followings of Jesus.A beautiful nod to today s need for a accurate and diverse representation for God s people both past and present.The one and only point of improvement I have for this book is that some of the Bible stories and Building Block pieces that are featured on the bright blue block pages are kind of hard to read color wise Other than that SO beautiful.

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    Do you know a child who loves building blocks The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible provides an entertaining take on over 35 stories from God s Word Bright, engaging artwork and short memorable renditions of Bible stories will seize your child s attention With wording by Emily Dammer, and illustrations by Antony Evans, you re sure to be a big hit with young readers ZonderKidz has incorporated an iconic toy with timeless truths for a home run Following each story, Building Blocks provide a takeaway for kids to grab onto These Building Blocks give a pithy take on foundational values for life.I love the humor found in seeing Bible characters in Lego form The vivid colors and images draw the eye in for a closer look at intricate detail I can t wait to sit down with my grands to examine the pages together Boys and girls, alike, will be enthralled with the action figures Shhh, don t tell, it s a Christmas gift for my grandson Disclosure of Material I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through The Blog Spot Network book review program in exchange for a fair and honest review I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s CFR Title 16, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    I teach 4 year olds and they love to play with Lego style building blocks I was delighted to see these popular toys as a theme for this book Anthony Evans, illustrator, created the images of brick building pieces to build the biblical landscape and characters from the stories The author, Emily Dammer, crafted her words to reflect God as the Master Builder, and skillfully laid precept upon precept so the children would understand the principles taught I like the Building Blocks feature included at the end of each chapter, which contain a story take away to guide the children in how to apply what they have learned Overall, this is a great book to help young children 4 6 engage with the Bible I will be recommending this book to family and friends As an early education teacher and a Christian grandmother, I am always on the lookout for story book Bibles which are both entertaining and maintain the integrity of Scripture This book fits the bill I believe it will help children develop a love for Bible time and create in them a desire to learn Note I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

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    As a mom, grandmother, and counselor, I really appreciate books like this Sturdy, hardbound copies of the Bible that are appropriate for kids, are hard to come by Brick Builders really sets the standard for quality publications that hold up well to young fingers The pages are bright, colorful and printed on heavy duty paper The artwork is fantastic, drawing the eye to every little detail, including shadows from the sun There are over 35 stories from the Bible, told in a way that is easy to read and discuss Each story ends with a building block which can be used to further discussion or just to impress the lesson learned from the story From Genesis to Revelations, this children s Bible covers the stories that have stood through the test of time in a child friendly format There are scripture prompts as well which allow for in depth scripture study when a child is old enough This book is also appropriate for nurseries, children s classes, and counselor offices It also is a great size for travel, easily fitting into a backpack or book bag I can t resist saying once that the artwork in this Bible storybook is amazing.

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    A while back, I did a post and video about The Brick Bible, which was created by an atheist While many of the things in his version of the Bible, it s focus what not on giving glory to God, but rather to physically illustrate the Bible using bricks otherwise known as Legos, but that term wasn t legally allowed since it s trademarked.Now there is a new Lego Bible on the market, but there are some difference, namely It s illustrated, rather than physically constructed.It s written and published by ChristiansIt focuses on uplifting Bible stories rather than salacious ones.It s a paraphrased version of the Bible.In my YouTube video , I compare and contrast The Brick Bible and The Brick Illustrated Bible I also talk about some alternatives to these two illustrated Bibles.If you are in the market for an illustrated kid s Bible this Christmas, I recommend checking this one out as a viable alternative to The Brick Bible Note I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

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