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!!> EPUB ❄ Cultural Apologetics  ✿ Author Paul M. Gould – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Cultural Apologetics
  • Paul M. Gould
  • 24 September 2019
  • 9780310530497

Cultural Apologetics The Post Christian World We Inhabit Today Presents Us With A Mundane And Disenchanted View Of Reality Under The Sway Of Materialism And Science, We Have Been Left With A Way Of Seeing, Thinking, And Living That Has No Place For Beauty And Wonder We Now Live In A World Bereft Of Magic And Mystery.Many Including Many Christians No Longer Perceive The World In Its Proper Light As A Result, The Christian Imagination Is Muted Moreover, The Church Has Grown Anti Intellectual And Sensate, Out Of Touch With The Relevancy Of Jesus And How To Relate The Gospel To All Aspects Of Contemporary Life As A Result, The Christian Voice Is Muted In This Age Christian Wholeness Remains Elusive, Blunting The Church S Ability To Present A Winsome And Compelling Witness For Faith As A Result, The Christian Conscience Is Muted.Cultural Apologetics Addresses This Malaise By Setting Forth A Fresh Model For Cultural Engagement, Rooted In The Biblical Account Of Paul S Speech On Mars Hill, Which Details Practical Steps For Reestablishing The Christian Voice, Conscience, And Imagination Readers Will Be Equipped To See, And Help Others See, The World As It Is Deeply Beautiful, Mysterious, And Sacred.With Creative Insights, Cultural Apologetics Prepares Readers To Share A Vision Of The Christian Faith That Is Both Plausible And Desirable, Offering Clarity For Those Who Have Become Disoriented In The Haze Of Modern Western Culture.

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    My new favorite apologetics book It will become a required text in my Apologetics and Contemporary Issues class.

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    Cultural apologetics is a relatively new field and this book, along with Dr Holly Ordway s Cultural Apologetics, is a landmark work that anyone interested in the topic of apologetics should get and read carefully Paul Gould has his Ph.D in Philosophy from Purdue and teaches philosophy and apologetics This book is a distillation of his thinking over the years on the topic of how Christians should evangelize He points out that we live in a disenchanted world and part of our role as Christians is to work to re enchant the world by addressing imagination, reason and conscience I will be adding his material to the apologetics course I teach and recommending this book as widely as possible.

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    Paul Gould has done an excellent job of delineating both the joyful task of spreading the love of Christ and the cultural challenges facing Christ followers in doing just that Using the apostle Paul s work in the city of Athens as described in Acts chapter 17, Gould lays out a model for thoughtfully engaging the people around us While this is a broad reaching book the bibliography is over 12 pages in length , Gould is masterful at pointing discussion squarely to the question that matters what do you make of Jesus Christ Though this is a work of scholarly effort, Gould s ability to explain complex philosophical ideas makes this accessible even to those without a rich philosophical background Highly recommended for followers of Christ and for seekers looking for truth.

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    Summary Contends that in our disenchanted post modern world, the apologist needs to engage in a culturally aware apologetic that appeals to goodness, truth, and beauty.One thing anyone engaged in Christian witness for any length of time in a western cultural setting will tell you is that the landscape has changed While the message of the gospel has not changed, the culture in which the message is shared has Paul Gould s one word description of that change is disenchantment From a world shot through with the presence and majesty of God, the embrace of materialism and naturalism as all encompassing accounts of the world results in a sense of the absence and irrelevance of God, and a culture that is sensate, focused on the physical senses, and hedonistic, focused on our desires I found this intriguing, particularly considering the growing fascination with dystopian apocalypses, and conversely, with fantasy and alternate worlds, that might suggest a longing for re enchantment or despair of its possibility.Gould contends that in this context, there is still a place for apologetics, but not that of past generations, focused exclusively on rational evidences, although these still have a place in Gould s proposal Gould contends for what he calls as cultural apologetics By this, he means the work of establishing the Christian voice, conscience, and imagination within a culture so that Christianity is seen as true and satisfying italics in text The author believes that a cultural apologetic that does this appeals to a universal longing for truth, goodness, and beauty It is an apologetic that appeals to the longing of truth through reason voice , that appeals to the longing of goodness through conscience, and that appeals to the longing for beauty through the imagination The aim of this to foster the awakening of desire satisfying and a return to reality truth that constitutes a re enchantment eventuating in the decision to trust and follow Christ.Gould focuses a chapter each on imagination, reason, and conscience, employing C.S Lewis s approach of both looking at, and looking along, the latter considering the reality to which truth, goodness, and beauty point The chapter on imagination draws upon Makoto Fujimura s Culture Care reviewed here , that makes the case for how beauty may open the hearts of people to faith, exemplified in Masaaki Suzuki s recognition that the music of Bach is a kind of fifth gospel that has led to interest in or the embrace of Christianity among many Japanese The chapter on reason contends there is a case to be made for recovering the lost art of persuasion and sounds at first glance the most conventional of the three However, Gould moves beyond classic arguments to appeal to the plausibility structures and sacred cores of one s hearers The appeal to conscience addresses the longings for goodness, wholeness, justice, and significance and seeks to demonstrate in practice and examples how Christianity has made the world a better place and why that is so.Addressing barriers to belief is an important part of this approach It includes the internal barriers of anti intellectualism, fragmentation, and unbaptized imagination within the Christian community It also involves the external barriers of the belief that science disproves God, that objects to the exclusivity of Jesus, that believes God is not good, and considers the ethic of the Bible archaic, repressive, and unloving Gould offers brief responses to each of these barriers and then describes the journey home from initial enchantment through disenchantment to re enchantment as we join the dance of God One of the things I appreciated about this work amid the strains of anti intellectualism in significant swaths of evangelicalism was the affirmation of intellectual leadership He writes, If we are to be strategic in our cultural apologetic, we must work to cultivate Christian leadership and a Christian presence within the halls of the academy The perceived reasonableness and desirability of Christianity depends upon how effectively we accomplish this task p 143.I also appreciate the integrated appeal to goodness, truth, and beauty It seems that we often prefer one of these to the inclusion If reasoning about truth alone is not helpful, abandon it for beauty or goodness Gould recognizes that to be human means we long for all three Also, the posture of culture care, as opposed to culture clash assumes that people are drawn by desire rather than overcome by arguments.Finally, Gould reframes rather than retreats from the apologetic task It seems to me that this is vital in an age where many are not merely indifferent to Christianity but vigorously opposed, and willing to make a case against the Christian faith He reframes apologetics in a way that challenges the church to live into its heritage to abandon trivial banality for a rich artistic imagination, to abandon a slovenly anti intellectualism for vibrant intellectual engagement, and to abandon moral compromise for a fragrant goodness It seems to me this would be good both for the church and the world.________________________________Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    So often, it seems, Christianity is defined as what we are against, rather than what we are for, and we are depicted as angry, raging, antagonistic, and judgmental Who would want to be part of that The mission of cultural apologetics is to engage culture in a winsome and intelligent way, and to establish the Christian voice, conscience, and imagination within a culture so that Christianity is seen as true and inviting and satisfying This is a fascinating and helpful book, that encourages ways to resurrect the relevance of Christianity and the hope that we offer.

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    I ve been thinking lately about the connections between goodness, truth, beauty, and an authentic Christian faith This excellent book by Paul Gould dives deeply into these issues It is not only thought provoking, but read in the right way can be spiritually formative as well Highly recommended.

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    Show how christians can present Christianity as being attractive because it alone can quench our longing for rationality making sense of things , beauty and good As Gould states, he presents what cultural apologetics looks like as opposed to traditionnal apologetics proofs for the existence of God etc it focus on making Christianity both plausible or reasonable AND appealing.

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    This was a solid book with several good points While I am not 100% in agreement with all of Dr Gould s ideas it did make me think I did learn and many other people could learn from this too Recommended

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    This is an excellent book I am thankful to have gotten to read this before its release and also to have studied under Dr Gould for a short while Whether you are a student seeking to grow your knowledge of Christian apologetics or simply a believer wanting to know how better to defend your faith, this book is for you Dr Paul Gould s work helps not only to give practical tools toward a robust defense of the Christian faith, it also presents a philosophy of imagination that will help believers present their faith as rational, practical, and beautiful.

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